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The most important part of Day of the Viper is, without a doubt, the items that you collect. You will depend on items to survive, and, more importantly, to win. I have compiled a catalogue of all the items in the game, along with a description and function of each. Some items may even have suggested uses, and tricks to try are scattered throughout!

All items are activated by double-clicking on them. To store items, click on them once, then click on an empty item storage box (The belt of 10 runs the length of the top of your screen). To swap an item with one already in storage, click on it once, then click on the item to be swapped. Many items in the game (such as power crystals, repair pods, access cards, weapons and shields) work on a color-scale, withwhite being the most powerful and blue being the least. After blue comes green, then yellow, then red, and finally,white. Occasionally, as in the case of weapons and shields, there is a 6th level. This level holds the super shield and the particle weapon.


Power Crystals

Power crystals are probably the most important item early on in the game. Without power, your sheilds wouldn't operate, your weapon wouldn't fire, and the Nexus link that lets you remain in contact with the control panel would be terminated. In this instance the game would end, and you would have failed your mission. One time use.


Access Cards

Access cards are the next most important item. Without them, you wouldn't be able to enter rooms, which means you wouldn't be able to get off the first level. You must always carry one of these with you. Reusable.


Repair Pods

These items are also very important, because they allow you to repair damage sustained by Viper-5's structure. They will not work on circuit boards, however; for them a circuit repair device is necessary. One time use.


Security Disks

These disks are part of your primary mission - to restart the 7000 System Defence Computer. In the beginning, you will have to lug them around. Once you get the disk controller chip repaired, you can upload the information on them into Viper's on-board hard drive. One time use.


Weapons and



Weapon and shield upgrades are essential to stay alive. More advanced weaponry takes less power and dishes out more punishment. They also heat up slower. More advanced shielding recharges faster and uses less energy to do so. It also enhances the protection provided. In short, NEVER pass up an opportunity to upgrade...your gonna need all the help you can get. Remeber that YOU are the calvary...don't be expecting them to ride over the hill!


Neutron Detonator

This weapon is great for killing many GARgoyles at once...just double-click, and away they go! One time use.


RF Freezer

This item sends out a high RF frequency pulse, which causes all units on the immediate level to shut down for a short time. Units after Building 3 have better shielding, so this weapon is quite ineffective against them. One time use.


Krellian Power Sphere

One of the most powerful weapons available, these suckers seek out and destroy all units on the immediate floor. The bottom half must be combined with the top half to produce the sphere, which is then armed. Some units, such as those on the last few floors in Building 5, have such extensive armor that the weapon is ineffective against them. One time use.


bola Bomb

These low-powered weapons are useful in many circumstances. Try them out on different robots, and see which ones they're more effective on. One time use.


Photon Emitter

This device emits a steady stream of photons, enabling you to see in darkened areas. Double-click once to turn it on, and repeat the same procedure to de-activate it. Uses energy, reusable.


Energy Storage Device

This device allows you to store energy from your main tank. This unit will store up to half of Viper's total capacity, allowing you to consolidate many small energy crystals into a single battery. Also useful when used in conjunction with an energy syphon and a power room. Doble-clicking will store energy when empty, and will transfer energy to main tank when full. A slight energy loss ocurrs when used. Reusable.



This item contains a complete snapshot of the plotter display of the current floor. These items can also be used on a floor different than the one they were found on. Plotter must be active to use. One time use.


Storage Box

This item contains another item stored away inside. To open, double-click on it, and the box will be discarded leaving the item inside behind. One time use.


Circuit Etcher and Etcher Fuel

When combined, the etcher makes use of the fuel and burns a circuit usable on your circuit board. At least one of the objects must be in your possession before you double-click on the other one. One time use.


Universal Repair Kit

Probably the most useful item on Parin. When used in conjunction with a White Energy Crystal, it restores your energy level to full. It also repairs all damage, including that done to your circuit board. Missing circuits are replaced, and the by-product is a blue energy crystal. Activated by double-clicking. You MUST be in posession of a white energy crystal in order to activate. One time use.


Locked Box and Key

When used in conjunction with each other, releases a useful item. You must be in posession of at least one of the items before trying to activate the other. One time use.



This weapon is among the more powerful you will find on Parin. When activated, it goes in the direction you were facing until it hits a wall, where it stops. This weapon damages or destroys any GARgoyles in its path, which makes it an excellent weapon for long queues of bad guys. One time use.



This piece of paper, when activated, enters a 5-digit combination into your recorder. This combination may be used to open Storage Room force fields. The first number tells you what building, the second tells the floor, and the other 3 numbers are useless. One time use.


Energy Siphon and Repair Room Activator

These objects allow you access to the power room and repair room functions. To activate, just click on the back wall of the appropriate room, and answer "yes" to the question asked. Reusable.


Circuit Repair Device

Repairs damage to all circuits on your circuit board. This item does NOT, however, replace missing circuits. One time use.



Debateably the most useful of all weapons, this device is praised for its excellent effectiveness and high rate of destruction. This item can be thrown from just out of range of a target to avoid being molested; traps and mines can also be disabled this way! One time use (but worth it!).


Toxic Waste

This item can be used to raise your power level. However, a by-product of enemy robots, this substance causes structural damage to your Viper module. Use only when the benefits outweigh the risks (which they do, in most cases; repair pods are very abundant compared to power crystals) One time use.


Teleport Set, Beacon, and Activator

The teleport set can be activated in the location that you wish a beacon to be placed. When this beacon is established, the teleport activator remains. Viper can activate the teleport activator to return to the beacon at any point in the game. Transport only works out of (not into) rooms and on the same level because of shielding used during construction of the base. Teleport set - One time use. Beacon and activator - Reusable.


Security Room Activator

When in a security room, use to reactivate anti-intruder systems on current floor. When reactivated, the security system will dispose of any intruders on the current level. In the last few floors of Building 5, however, some GARgoyles have extensive armor and are thus immune to the reactivation. GAR is unaffected by reactivating the anti-intruder devices on Floor 5, Building 5.

*** Circuit Board Modules ***


Gyroscopic Stabilizer Circuit

Allows viper to pass over a Gyroscopic Trap with no damage or disorientation. Damageable. Must be installed.


Teleport Neutralizer Circuit

Allows Viper to pass over Teleport Traps without being teleported. Damageable. Must be installed.


Proximity Mine Neutralizer Circuit

Allows Viper to pass over a Proximity Mine without being damaged. Damageable. Must be installed.


De-plotter Neutralizer Circuit

Dissipates the energy pulse of a De-Plotter Mine, allowing Viper to pass un-molested. Damageable. Must be installed.


Proton Mine Deflector Circuit

Generates a pulse that dissipates the detection field surrounding a proton mine, allowing Viper to pass safely. Must be installed.


Disruptor Neutralizer Circuit

Allows Viper to pass over a Disruptor Mine without losing power. Damageable. Must be installed.


Plotter Module

Allows Viper full use of the Plotter Display. Damageable.


Communication Module

When in a Communication Room, allows Viper to intercept base communication logs. Damageable. Must be installed.


Computer Interface Circuit

Allows Viper to communicate with the main computer. Damageable. Must be installed.


Disk Controller Circuit

Allows Viper to use his built-in floppy drive to store Security Data Disk information. Damageable. Must be installed.


Scanner Module

Channels power to Viper's on-board map scanner. Damageable.


Shield Module

Allows Viper to channel power to his shield array.


Weapon Module

Allows Viper to channel power to his weapons array.