Floor 2


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Comm Log - 12832

To: Unit 893-1

From: Unit 1234

We are in the process of laying additional traps and guards as a precaution against counterattack as per our combat programming. I calculate the odds of a counter attack taking place at 2 times 10 to the 28th to 1, but we will proceed as programmed.

Comm Log - 12833

To: Gar

From: Unit 558-019

Found one hiding soldier organism. It was eliminated in interrogation. No new data learned.


Turbolift Room..............37/09

Important Items

combination.gif (914 bytes)Combination(2).....................32/07,07/05

repairpodwhite.gif (882 bytes)White Repair Pod..................05/11


neutrondetonator.gif (869 bytes)Neutron Detonator

grenade.gif (890 bytes)Grenade

toxicwaste.gif (917 bytes)Toxic Waste

circuitrepairdevice.gif (897 bytes)Circuit Repair Device

bolobomb.gif (908 bytes)Bola Bomb


This may very well be the most difficult level you'll ever come across. It is packed to the brim with some of the most ferocious GAR-goyles around. There are groups of Punishers all over the place, so be careful where you tread. Watch out for the Mercenaries as well; there are three on this level. It is suggested that you come loaded with grenades and repair pods. There is even a Locutus!