Floor 1


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Comm Log - 12840

To: Gar

From: Unit 28-9099

We have discovered a unique weapon on a dead defense organism. Because of its vast energy consumption it can be used only once. It fires a plasma ball that is lethal to all units in its path. The energy ball appears to stop only after it hits a wall. We will bring it to you for your further inspection. There may be more of these.

Comm Log - 12841

To: Unit 45ACP

From: Unit 558-019

We have found more of our comrades destroyed. There is nothing on my scopes at this time but I picked up a brief alert from unit-3892 that was quickly terminated. Unit-3892 can no longer be reached! Suggest we investigate.


Turbolift Room..............24/13

Shuttle Room.................14/06

Important Items

energysiphon.gif (906 bytes)Energy Syphon....................13/04



starburst.gif (931 bytes)Starburst Weapon(6)


Try and escape the De-Plotter trap waiting just outside the Shuttle Room. There are de-plotters and Proton Mines all over this level, so watch where you tread. This level is a real power-sponge, so make sure you've got extra. The Balloons pose annoyance, but thankfully there's lots of grenades just lying around. Use 'em!