Floor 5


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Comm Log - 12848

To: All Units

From: Gar

My legions, I have the 6th prototype weapon in my possession! It is as powerful as I had hoped. Now that we have deprived the feeble humans of this accidental advantage, I will use it for our own. We will replicate the design and issue it to all my warriors. It is such wonderful irony that humanity gave us the very fire that will incinerate them forever! I now know there is an intruder among us! Far too many of my warriors have failed to check in, and many robot remains have been found! There must be an attacking renegade in the complex! It does not show up as a life form on our instruments so it must be mechanical. Search it out and destroy it!

Comm Log - 12849

To: Intruder

From: Gar

I don't know who or what you are. I do not read any other life forms in the complex. Perhaps you are one of us, but I'm afraid you've come too late. Did you really feel the destruction of a few of  my warriors would sway the balance of power? You miserable little insect! Have you no concept of who you are up against? Rest assured that you will be witness to the final destruction of all life! You too will be destroyed as will your pitiful High Command! The Star League will crumble as it pays for its transgressions! They and their children will truely feel my agony! Now, I have all the power I need for final victory. With this new weapon I can dismantle your every atom! Would you like a taaste of  my anger. Come then, come to your destruction!


Turbolift Room..............23/15

Important Items

combination.gif (914 bytes)Combination...............................13/01

securityroomactivator.gif (931 bytes)Security Room Activator.........35/19


energystoragedeviceempty.gif (916 bytes)Energy Storage Device (Empty)(2)

shieldsuper.gif (964 bytes)Prototype Deflector Shield

powercrystalred.gif (895 bytes)Red Energy Crystal

powercrystalwhite.gif (882 bytes)White Energy Crystal

repairpodred.gif (883 bytes)Red Repair Pod


This is it...the final battle. Defeat Gar by going to the computer room at 13/19, equipped with the new Shield and Particle Weapon System. Take extra power and two grenades. Throw the Grenades at him, and then continuously fire at him with your weapon. Don't stop unless it it to replenish power, and even then do it quickly. You must do this because the only time he is vulnerable is when he is firing at you. Since he fires so quickly, it would be impossible to judge the exact moment and fire then. So do it my way!   ;) 

When he is dead, click on the back wall of the Computer Room. You will be asked if you would like to reactivate it, click yes. Then go to the Terminal Room and click on the monitor. You will be asked if you want to upload the boot information. Click yes, and revel in your victory. Congratulations! You have won!