The manual...completely re-typed by me, and including new animations and screen shots from the game itself! None of this black-and-white published stuff...only dynamic, color content. I've included my own personal comments (and contradictions) alongside the original manual texts.

Know Thine Enemy

A section completely dedicated to Gar's GARgoyles. Every opponent, his weak spots, his picture...a complete reconnaissance collection. I even named them!


Of course! The items! Probably the most vital part of the game...every item, as well as a short description and ways to use them. A must-read!


Need a map? Look no further...every level in the game summarized...enemies present, important items; I even went as far as listing what's in Cryo-Storage! Every level has tips, and information is displayed clearly and concisely in an easy-to-use interface.

Why create this site?

Simply because I believe this to be one of the best games ever written for the Atari ST. Superb graphics, great sound, and a gripping storyline converge in Day of the Viper.

What is Viper?

For more background, read the manual.

Day of the Viper is set in the 24 century. The basic storyline is this: a man-made robot - half-man, half robot - goes wacko and decides it doesn't like vegetables (OK, anything biological - including vegetables). Gar, the afore-mentioned robot, spawns a robotic corps of his own, and wages war against the Sun League  (which consists of Earth and member planets throughout the galaxy; it's defense force is known as the SLDF) intending to kill all biological life-forms in the Galaxy. You are in command of a unit remarkably like GAR, except this unit is remote-controlled, and goes by the name of Viper - 5 (The other 4 are non-functional). When GAR takes over an SLDF research facility rumored to have developed weapons multiple times more powerful than current Sun League issue, you are called into service. At this point, let me add that the war had been going VERY badly for the SLDF, and that they were on the brink of defeat...

Anyway, you are called into service, and told to proceed to the Parin sector (where the research lab is) and beam your Viper droid onto the surface. His mission: to infiltrate the research complex, now over-run by Gar's minions. Five buildings filled with over-size kitchen appliances, five floors apiece. And to reactivate the main defense computer (taken off-line by Gar) by collecting floppies containing security protocols from console rooms on each level. And, of course, to defeat Gar. If you fail, no one will be left to reprimand you. No one...